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Tennessee 4$  

PLEASE HELP MY FAMILY, BLESSINGS: Out of work need help with Christmas

Out of work need help with Christmas
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PLEASE HELP MY FAMILY: I was hoping to ask you how I can get assistance or support for my 4 daughter's this

I was hoping to ask you how I can get assistance or support for my 4 daughter's this Christmas?
I wanted to msg you then but I was ashamed .
I prayerfully hope you still have at least one more sponsor willing to help a family in diar need this Christmas!! I have 4 daughter's whom I cherish deeply. It saddens me that their father got deported over a domestic abuse charge in April. So it's been beyond a struggle just to keep my bill's halfway current and clothes they haven't out grown to wear. I work 40 hrs but it's not enough to support, feed, much less keep my daughter's in shoes, food and clothes. I desperately need help with Christmas this year or sadly for us my daughter's will not have any presents for Christmas and I'm praying I can come up with the stuff for Christmas dinner. It's been a very hard year for my family. My husband of 9 years got deported and now I not only our 3 daughter's Aleksa age 12, Jasmine age 10, Natalia age 8 but I also have temp custody of my step daughter that's 14 until my husband's court hearings are over in January 2018. I'm praying that there's at least room for one more family that deserves help this year! I hope and pray I'm not too late and I have never had ask for help but my daughter's and I need help so very badly. I'm embarrassed messaging you this but this has been very a hard year for us all; Our family has been broken in pieces emotionally and financially. After the domestic assault case on me. My husband and daughter's father deportation process has been a night mare for them. We are truly struggling, it's taking every cent just to try an keep them clothed and fed which is overwhelming and heart breaking as a single parent now. I cry every time I think of Christmas dinner, gifts and presents that my 4 beautiful girls truly deserve. This really breaks my heart. Just knowing this is the one year I honestly can't afford to buy them ANY presents or clothes they all desperately need!! I can hardly msg bc tears are pouring down my face. I'm writing and pleading you'll know if help for my daughter's may possible. I really feel like a horrible mother just asking but I know I can't do anything for them without help from God and an Angel!! Darling please tell me you still know a family that wants to help support or help my deserving family- ( My 4 daughter's are very deserving and my check barely covers 2/3 of my bills. Those are behind as well. I'm so embarrassed and I feel like I'm failing them as their mother
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I'm a mother of two kids I have a boy that is 13 going on 14 in January and a daughter that is 8 will be 9 in June. I've over came a lot already. I was on my own at the age of 14 because my mother allowed my brother to beat me up. Like it wasn't bad enough that me and my sisters were been molested by family members and she knew about it cause my sister told her and she said she was lying and never stopped. And at that age I didn't know how to deal with it and being on my own I started to drink and I'm a shame to admit it but got in to drugs. I stuffed for many years with drugs and sad to say my son paid for it cause I was lost and a complete different person. When I had my daughter I put myself in a program got completely clean and was able to work. I worked on getting back to who I was. A mother that wants my kids to have a better life then what I did would never allow them to get abused in any way wants them to be safe happy have everything they need and something they want. And I did that for many year. I was in my program completely clean working hard had a good paying job are own house. Then losted my job because my daughter gets sick a lot and I had to call in a couple of times. From me losing my job I lost my house and had to move in with family. So it kills me to say once again I'm struggling and my kids are suffering because of it. I'm looking for a job but as of right now still have not found one I have no money for Thanks giving and Christmas too. It's also hurts my heart cause for many years I did so good and now I don't have money for thanksgiving Christmas and my son's birthday is right after Christmas. I'm hoping I can get a job soon but. I never wanted my kids to go with out and they are at this moment. I'm so stressed out cause not only is it the holidays but my son's birthday and worst is I don't have are own house. So I also have to figure that out. I was never the type to ask for help but was always quick to help in any way. I don't know what to do but Pray that I something good will happen for my kids
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Please Help My Family: Being Evicted

Being Evicted
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PLEASE HELP MY FAMILY, URGENTLY NEED HELP: Im in need of some cash urgently to clear a bill so things could b

Im in need of some cash urgently to clear a bill so things could b better for my kids i have been struggling since I'm small n I don't want my kids to go through that same thing. Sometimes I feel to give up. Can some please help me it's urgently needed for today
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Miemie   in reply to Miemie   on


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CHRISTMAS HELP, christmas: I'm asking for help for my family! My daughter who is now 6 and my step daughter

I'm asking for help for my family! My daughter who is now 6 and my step daughter who is now 14 are not going to be able to have much of a Christmas this year and it hurts me every day as we get closer and closer to Christmas. If there is anyone out there who is able to help I would greatly appreciate it. I love my girls with all my heart and I cant see them go through bad Christmas. My husband has been laid off And cannot collect any unemployment until January! Mostly I am just asking for a few outfits and shoes for them. Its more about what they need then what they want! Please if you can help in any way please email me at
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Povety   in reply to RMommyJulie   on

help in time of need, CHRISTMAS HELP: Hi, I know Xmas is getting close. Anyone who is worried about finding

Hello RMommyjulie,I am from papua new new guinea.I need something for my children this x-mas.additioal to payoff the outstanding school fees.however i am struggling to meet needs.for this reason i am now seeking help online.please is there any posible ways were fine help fimancially.? despretly need help.
Kind regards.
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PLEASE HELP MY FAMILY: Hello I m from papua new guinea.I m seeking financial help. I strugle to meet the

Hello I m from papua new guinea.I m seeking financial help.
I strugle to meet the needs of kids financial, interms
of school fees and family finanings meet.please,help
should you need more information regarding my post
please do reply.
Kind regards.
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PLEASE HELP MY FAMILY: I am struggling to put food on the table for my family because of very low income.i'm

I am struggling to put food on the table for my family because of very low income.i'm jobless & i have 14 members of my family to feed.i need financial help to start a business to help me suppory my family.please help me.
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Lovebug9415   in reply to gbarzie   on


Hi I'm 21, single mother. I am in urgent need of a vehicle ASAP please?! I need to be able to get my daughter back and forth to doctors appointments. Also need a vehicle that's good on gas to get me to college, her baby sitters, and home.
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PLEASE HELP MY FAMILY, I have no money to pay my bills: I need a house I have no job I'm married and have a 3

I need a house I have no job I'm married and have a 3 month old baby I'm fighting for plz can anyone help me it has to be in the Whitley county ky area
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I am a 40 year old mother of twins,13 year old girls. Their father and I were married for 14 years and separated about 4 months ago. I receive no assistance financially from my twins father at all. I am currently working at a pizza shop about 20 hours a week since I don't have a car it's very convenient that my job is right down the street from my home. I've gotten a second job starting in about a month training to be an assistant for a realtor, who is very successful in my area and also and very old friend from high school. The second job will be exactly what I need to get back on my feet and stay there. The only problem is I'm very scared but its all going to fall apart before I can start making money at my second job to save everything. I make about $100 a week at the pizza shop. My rent is $650 and I pay electric, gas, water, trash, phone. I don't have much family that I've already called in any Christmas favors of Christmas cash to pay for utilities that were about to be disconnected. I've cleaned houses for friends, I've also done data entry and typing for friends just to try to make ends meet so that I don't have to approve my children from their home after watching the break up of our family so recently. I have until Dec 2 to pay on my AEP electric bill or they will disconnect us. I am one month behind my rent payment to my landlord. I have no Christmas presents bought for my children nor do I have any money to buy any. I am scared & alone. My parents are both deceased. I just need a little bit of help to get me through the next two months until my second job begins. I'm trying my hardest! I promise that as soon as I am in a position to be able to... I will pay it all FORWARD!! my friend in real estate says it should only take a few months to train me as an assistant to where I'll be making very good money & can quit my pizza shop job.
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Nikki 33  

help with Christmas, in need of help: well my husband is 37 has a lot of medical problems cant work I'm 33 and

well my husband is 37 has a lot of medical problems cant work I'm 33 and very ill and can't work we are both disabled plus I have a daughter that has problems and she gets a check so there's only her check and my check and it takes all that to pay all the bills we are in desperate need for Christmas help I have 3 children I have a 10 year old boy 13 year old girl and a 17 year old boy and we're not going to be able to do Christmas dinner or have a Christmas so if someone out there has a heart and can help please do
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Assistance from Nonprofits, Nonprofit Resources - Christian: Just got my letter in the mail about me being CUT

Just got my letter in the mail about me being CUT OFF of FOOD STAMPS... really??

I called the Customer Service that's supposed to be higher than your regional county assistance office and you know what they said... WE HAVE NO ANSWERS TO ""WHY'" YOU WERE CUTOFF... I did get a we will be looking into it and we will try to fix this as soon as possible

I just got a review- I put all my information gave them more than plenty of information for them to look into and confirm all my stuff and I still got CUT OFF

Thanksgiving is right around the corner- I'm soooooo NOT going to let this get me down.. I will continue on a 2x daily calling and calling hopefully fixing whatever is going on with my case.. I just came to VENT STERNLY about this matter..

I wanted to post a pic of my letter I got to just SHOW PROOF to everyone here but then I thought it would be just LAME OF ME to do something like so

UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH.. me right now---- Thanks to my local county assistance office for doing this to me
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goodnight express  

PLEASE HELP MY FAMILY: Please some one help us .We are struggling bad we are about loose everything and work

Please some one help us .We are struggling bad we are about loose everything and work walmart and that not a enough so please help wee need about 5000.00 that will get caught up
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Somebody PLEASE HELP ME, help in time of need: I have learned a lot about myself in the last year or so. I

I have learned a lot about myself in the last year or so. I learned that even though life is not always full of what you want, it does not always mean you should quit. I think that my will power for issues surrounding my life have definitely been put into perspective. Once I knew I set my mind to further myself educationally, personally and in a big life changing way, there is just no stopping me from achieving that goal. If I fail than I will just have to try, try, and try again.
On the surface I think I am like most young and modern American women: I take school seriously, I have dreams and goals for the future that I am determined to make happen, and I don’t expect anyone to do the hard work for me. I have devoted my life both to working to better myself and to improving civilization as a whole. Throughout the rest of my life, I hope to continue in this same manner of unselfish work. Sometimes a task can seem monumental when you try to visualize the entire thing, but if you break it down into smaller goals suddenly it can become manageable. When I first started to consider going to college so that I could make a better life for my family and myself, I thought it was going to be almost impossible.
I have always had a clear idea of what I wanted to become in my future. I have always been excited about the medical field, diabetes particularly, and the medical office is the area which interests me most.
I really do appreciate you taking the time to read about myself. I understand also that you have lots of requests that come your way throughout the year not just during the holidays. I am working on myself to make the best of my years to come and I really believe that my new year 2014/15 has something great waiting for me to keep me financially healthy. I will give back without question because I am one of the many out there that have fallen on trying times and looking for someone to just lend a helping hand. I am thankful for any kind of assistance and wish you and yours the best and greatest of faith, strength and love.
RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT-- I am in a very depressed, my anxiety is over the top and just DO NOT feel like me... I don't know what to do-- I have a 45 min. session talking to a therapist- which right now doesn't seem to help me.. I was approved for the gym and I been going but its NOT WORKING.. I went to see my dr. yesterday and still NO GOOD NEWS
I feel there is NO HOPE FOR ME and I don't know what to do, my life is on PAUSE or something its STUCK thought and felt like I was going to be ahead but in reality.. I'm just barely gliding by on tippy toes

MaaaaaaaaN.. what?? what is it?? what did I miss?? what am I missing?? where or what is it that I'm not getting?? UuuuGH, every time I get lost in my thoughts over these questions and NO ANSWERS to suffice what I feel...

Soooooo NOW: its from inside to GIVE UP.. OK- I GIVE UP--- I JUST GIVE UP.......... I won't ever be ahead I won't ever finish school, I won't even get to be healthy enough to even enjoy my life....... Uuuugh
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Davidallem   in reply to mad dog   on

mad dog

I am disabled and begging for help
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i am a mother of a two year old and am currently single. After a recent separation with the father of my child i am left with multiple months of unpaid bills that i am trying to catch up on. I am currently a full time college student of 3 years now trying to become a registered nurse to overcome poverty. I am also looking for a part time job but in this economy i am having complications with a job that works around my schooling.
Im not one to free load, as i am still struggling. But my family is no better of a financial situation. They try to help as much as possible but it is often not enough to cover my housing, electricity, water, gas, car insurance ect.. With that being said about a month ago my car started giving me trouble, (stalling, randomly kills, check engine light, brakes, power steering fluid leak, no a/c) and i have no money to get a mechanic to check it out. I also cant afford auto insurance. This puts me at risk for trouble with the law enforcement. Without my car i have no way to commute back and forth to school or to look for a job. This leaves me with no way to better myself and become self sufficient. I want to overcome this struggle and give my son a better life. If you could please give me any sort of assistance whether it be support or pointing me in the direction of a charity or organization that may be able to help it would be greatly appreciated.
May God Bless you.
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